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Real Life Heroes and Their Amazing Tales—True Story

CommunityDecember 10, 2012

These days, almost everything you see on TV is news of calamities, massacres, politics, and yes, the Kardashians. Now, if you’re tired of reading about these again and again, like I am, you should take a look at these entertaining stories about unexpected acts of heroism.

People Rising to the Challenge of Becoming Justice League
At the onslaught of terrorist attacks on Christians in Egypt, a small group of heroes stood up to make a difference.

On Christmas eve, despite the death threat on their lives, a small group of Christians headed out to attend the mass service where a mob of Muslims where waiting for them. But instead of a hostile group, they were met with the message, “If the terrorists want to kill you, they’ll have to kill us, too.” They were essentially human non-bulletproof vests.

Where One Small Move Made a Difference
This is one of those moments when a pizza delivery means life and death.

Susan Guy, a delivery driver from Domino’s, absolutely had no reason to check in on an elderly woman just because she had “mysteriously stopped ordering pizzas”. She could have just shrugged it off and moved on with her job. But no, she had to check on the woman’s home. When there was no answer, she called 911, obviously at the risk of looking silly and paranoid.

And lo and behold, the old lady had been in an accident three days past, and couldn’t get to the phone.

Real Life Bruce Wayne
We can’t all be Batmans, although we try so hard to be. But, one man stepped forward to become his city’s Bruce Wayne.

Lenny Robinson, just your average mega wealthy guy from Baltimore, spends more than 25 thousand dollars a year buying and giving toys to kids who are suffering from leukaemia, cancer, and other awful diseases. Plus, he does this complete with Batman cape and cowl plus a black Lamborghini with bat symbols.

But this is nothing compared to the heroics of Bill Gates. He donated 28 billion dollars of his fortune to charity. Yes, that’s a mind boggling 28 BILLION DOLLARS. And he didn’t inherit that money, but worked hard for it.

It’s really a relief when we hear entertainment news like these, not about the latest exploits of the Hilton sisters, or about which Hollywood star slept with whom, but about someone who saved a life or lives.

How about you? What have you done today to make you feel proud?

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